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This will be my short diary of Go related stuff. I will put in some useful links to relate to certain topics. It is a work in progress, so ATM it just started, but I will update it.


Go is the oldest board game still played today. The first time I heard of Go was in the book of Howard Marks in 1995. Later in 2003 a friend explained the rules of the game and we played some games. I played around 30 games with him and started to like the game, but did not play because I found no possibilities and people to play with. I bought a Goban in 2011 but it was not used very much. Playing against yourself is not so much fun. I later gave that board to a friend, who runs a mate store in Berlin and he started playing it in his store with his kids and some friends. I really enjoyed the breakthrough in AI when alphago beat Lee Sedol, because that was something really unexpected to everyone, who knew the game. Last year I saw the german premiere of “The surrounding game” and I thought about playing again. I played a few games against cosumi, but it beat me up quite bad. This new year I played Go with some friends and decided to play to learn more about the game, strategies, shape, counting and all the stuff, that makes Go the game it is. This is my diary of the stuff, that happened since then.


*notes: no links included yet, but that will follow soon. And many other stuff still missing*

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